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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper: The New Marijuana Consult For Governors

As stated by the Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, you don’t constantly get charge of your legacy. As a guy who once opposed the concept of legalizing marijuana, Governor John Hickenlooper had no idea he’d eventually be a marijuana consult governors of other states would confide in for guidance on how best to deal with marijuana legislation in their particular states.

Per the Los Angeles Times, it was four years ago today that Colorado became the very first state in the country to pass legislation which made recreational marijuana legal. Only hours after this monumental landmark in U.S. marijuana legislation, Governor John Hickenlooper noted a few comical words of warning.

Governor Jerry Brown reached out to Hickenlooper for a consultation on marijuana legalization weeks before California residents were slated to vote on whether or not recreational marijuana would be legalized. Much like the scenario Hickenlooper had been put in, Brown also didn’t support this law.

Hickenlooper usually gives the same – really specific – advice to governors who reach out to him as a marijuana legalization consult. He motivates them to concentrate on marijuana-infused sweets for example brownies, gummy candies, and lollipops. This was the same advice he gave to the governors in Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine which all had joined California in legalization recreational marijuana this year.

“We didn’t control edibles firmly enough in the beginning,” John disclosed during an interview. The Colorado Governor said, there was a spike in the amount of kids being taken to the emergency room for inadvertently consuming marijuana products. In a couple of instances, kids even died.

In recent years, an extensive advertising campaign which concentrates on the risks marijuana edibles can present to kids and teens is launched by the state of Colorado. In the state of Colorado, very specific laws have been passed which require marijuana merchandises to include labels revealing they contain marijuana.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper isn’t scared to admit learning the ropes of recreational marijuana being legal within his state continues to be a work in progress.

Marijuana retailers in the state of Colorado brought in $996 million in sales just last year. This resulted in a turnover of more than $135 million in taxes and fees to the state of Colorado. The selling of marijuana in the state of Colorado is taxed at 10% while the standard sales tax in the state is only 2.9%. John thinks the taxing of marijuana products is still an area that needs some adjusting.

The Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, frequently consults John for guidance, on marijuana legalization. Unlike John, however, Gary was more supportive of the concept of legalizing marijuana.

Per Hickenlooper and other governor where marijuana has been legalized, there continues to be a number of hiccups states must dance about despite marijuana being legal. Specifically, certain federal constraints. John had recently requested that Congress pass legislation to avoid federal regulators from penalizing financial institutes that serve the marijuana industry. Hickenlooper believes it would be good for state-charted banks to be able to bank in the marijuana industry without risking their charter.

The banking conundrum these states where marijuana is legal faces has really made it challenging to execute marijuana sales.

At present, wherever he goes Hickenlooper is followed by the subject of marijuana. His largest concern and sorrow isn’t that marijuana has been legalized, but that a better system wasn’t put in position before it occured.

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