April 2017

Colorado Marijuana Sales Expected To Break Records

Following the November elections, eight states currently offer legal adult use of marijuana. But regardless of the growing competition, Colorado, which have the greatest number of marijuana sales this past year, will probably still bag higher marijuana sales compared to the other states in 2017.

Only four months into the year, the Centennial State is already on course to possess its highest grossing year yet in marijuana sales. During January and February, Colorado racked up $235 million in overall marijuana sales, a 30% spike when compared with the state’s recreational and medical marijuana sales during the same time in 2016, based on a report by Cannabis Benchmarks, a company that monitors marijuana sales and prices.

With Colorado’s city streets filled with marijuana stores selling medical and recreational marijuana goods and its booming cannabis tourism, marijuana sales across the state kicked off 2017 at full throttle. In January of this year, $109 million worth of marijuana was sold in Colorado in medical and recreational markets, a more than 38% increase from what the state had in January 2016, when marijuana consumers bought $88.5 million in cannabis products. Sales in February were even more remarkable, with the state generating $126 million in marijuana purchases compared to February 2016’s $92.7 million.

In total, the country’s marijuana industry grossed over $6 billion in marijuana sales in 2016, $1.3 billion of which was generated from sales in Colorado.

The report said wholesale marijuana prices were down 33% in total, so Colorado customers might be using the reduced-priced marijuana as a way to stock up. The state had 48% marijuana product purchases in January and February than what was purchased during the same time in 2016.

The company mentioned concern over federal marijuana crackdowns, current customers spending more cash on marijuana and new customers going into the market as reasons why marijuana purchases were on the incline this year.

It is expected that Colorado might have a record-breaking marijuana sales and keep its standing as the highest grossing marijuana state in 2017, but that could change once California gets its recreational market ready to go. California won’t execute its recreational program until January 2018 but is anticipated to have about $1.6 billion of revenue within its first year.

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420 Celebrations Around the Country: The Biggest Day for Marijuana

It feels like Christmas for the country’s legal marijuana stores today. Not only Christmas but all other holidays rolled in to one one smoky party known as 420.

April 20 has for a long time been a day full of civil disobedience by marijuana users, who assemble in public to light up weed at 4:20 p.m. The phrase “420” is a longtime code for marijuana users, who work it into dating profiles or post it on signs to show their common interest. But while it used to be a celebration held using a particular degree of furtiveness, the swiftly growing legalization of cannabis means an increasing number of Americans no longer face critical, if any, punishment for smoking weed.

All states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana also have prohibited public consumption, but those rules in many cases are dismissed on April 20, when crowds assemble on college campuses and central parks to light up. That means huge sales days for shops, particularly in states with operating marijuana marketplaces: Washington, Oregon and Colorado, which could see single-day 420 sales of $20 million.

One of Colorado’s largest marijuana stores, the Medicine Man, anticipated to see more than double the regular number of customers each day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Legalization activists usually stage stunts along with the 420 celebrations.

In Washington, D.C., for example, activists are planning to give out 1,000 marijuana cigarettes to Capitol Hill workers and members of Congress, and then hold a mass “smoke-in” on the Capitol steps Monday. They’re attempting to convince Congress to reauthorize a law prohibiting federal prosecutors from interfering with state-level medical marijuana programs and are also seeking clarity on the way in which the Trump administration will approach voter-approved recreational weed.

While the District of Columbia’s voters have approved recreational marijuana, Congress has prohibited the district from creating any kind of system to allow taxable sales.

In Washington state, marijuana sales are anticipated to easily top last year’s quantity of $4.8 million from April 20, 2016. And the 2016 numbers themselves represented a staggering 200% increase over 2015. According to New Frontier, making a year-to-year comparisons of marijuana sales is challenging since the industry is very fresh and growing so rapidly and because people frequently celebrate 420 on the weekend closest to it, as opposed to the actual day.

But for a lot of customers, there’s an undeniable appeal to say that they purchased legal marijuana for that special day. In Colorado’s cannabis shops, the demand was evident Wednesday: lines snaking through receptions and guards accumulating cash as harried workers raced to complete orders. Many hotels in Denver are sold out, and cannabis tourists were pouring into the state for free concerts and then a gigantic rally outside the Statehouse.

In Nevada, which recently legalized recreational marijuana, even if they still only have stores for medical marijuana, business was likewise expected to be lively.

In Oakland, Calif, marijuana-infused sweets manufacturer Kiva made 60,000 special-edition samples of the company’s low-dose Petra mints and plans to hold 55 sampling occasions around the state this week. And in Tulare County, Calif.’s, only dispensary, Canna Can Help, workers have purchased 1,000 tacos for their planned customer appreciation day this weekend.

Back inside the Medicine Man in Denver, first-time cannabis tourists pronounced themselves astounded at the available variety and choices. Grams of popular forms were selling for $17 plus tax, and like many shops, Medicine Man was offering 420 specials intended for tourists, including pre-rolled joints.

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Meet Colorado’s “The Stoner Mom”

Kathryn VanEaton is a stay-at-home mother of two kids, and also a step-mom to two more.

She picks up her children from school every single day, each night she makes dinner after which her family sits down at the table to enjoy eating together.

Kathryn VanEaton is also a user of cannabis, who has gone by “Stoner Mom,” since she started a blog of the exact same name.

“When mommy blogging became big, this was like what, early 2000s? It was amazing because moms could be like, ‘Oh, I’m a mom and I do this.’ Or, ‘Oh, I’m a mom and I do that}.’ There’s all these different niches that they could get into in the context of being a true mother,” VanEaton says.

VanEaton had been blogging for 12 years before the onset of Stoner Mom in 2014. She was a photographer that time, who had gotten bored with that routine. At that stage, she thought, she was in a distinctive position to blog not only about her life being a mom, but as well as to blog about being a legal user of marijuana.

“I would get high with my girlfriend on girls’ night in, and we’d just talk about how amusing it was that we were smoking marijuana in secret. We’re the same moms – we’re home, we’re picking up our children from school, and sleeping with our kids, or not getting any sleep,” she says. “People didn’t actually know that the mom at the supermarket with the enormous grocery bill is also a pothead.”

VanEaton says she uses marijuana for both medical and recreational reasons, either when the youngsters, between the ages of 5 and 10, are out of the house or after they go to sleep. If it’s not being used, the marijuana is kept in a secured room in the basement, or inside of bags safeguarded with a combination lock.

She created the blog to eliminate the stigma for moms like her who use cannabis.

“Cannabis users have to be grownups, clearly, but adults are quite often parents,” VanEaton says. “If there’s even the inkling that you might be misunderstood as a mother, persecuted as a mom, have your kids taken away, God forbid, or even merely have your community judge you as a terrible mom, those are all deal breakers for mothers. There’s actually no choice. A responsible mother in a legal state can’t come out. It looks bad on her as a mother.”

The pages on her blog offer something for any user. Some of the videos are titled “How to Clean a Bong,” “The Easiest Way to Roll a Joint,” “How I Use Cannabis for Depression,” “Get Ready With Me! Stoned,” and “Dabbing for Beginners.”

She also posts “Stoner Sesh” videos, which reveal her smoking and give audiences “a friend to get high with” she says. There also reviews of strains of marijuana, or edibles.

“You have a story. It’s intriguing. And It’s fascinating to other parents. Simply because you don’t have a mainstream story doesn’t mean you don’t have one,” she says. “For individuals who don’t agree, I would say look away.”

VanEaton says there was never a concern about telling close friends or family members about being a mother who uses marijuana.

Her blog has become her business. She also runs a YouTube channel and a podcast.

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